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New Year Means Opportunity for Growth

I mean growth in my work and my life, and definitely not in my waist line.  I look at the new year like a challenge.  How much of what I want to do can I accomplish this year.  I usually write down each goal so that I can refer to it throughout the year.  I’ve posted them around the house, I’ve written them down on index cards; one year I even laminated them.  If I keep my goals  reasonable, and give them a workable timeline, I usually get through most of them.  There are the ones that never seem to get done, such as losing weight, but who`s kidding who here. I write it down and even I know it`s not likely to happen, at least not without a plan. 

That`s the key, I need to plan.  I have to break down the big goals into smaller goals and set time limits for them too. I can only eat an elephant one bite at a time.  I will give myself a week to come up with this year`s goals.  I plan on working on some big ones so I want to take it seriously.  Wish me luck, and good luck with all your plans for 2012.


God Bless