Moving Forward

Saying goodby to the people in your life is never a comfortable thing, there is always a tinge of sadness to it.  However, I am feeling a little bit blue about coming to the end of an art project that I have been working on for six months.  It seems a little ridiculous to mourn the ending of a project, however in the art world you may never be sure when or where your next projects will come from.  I am very fortunate that I do know what will be occupying my time for the next few months, but there is always that nagging feeling that suddenly no one will appreciate your art.  When you are young and first starting out, each art piece feels like it has a little bit of yourself in it.  Rejection of your work, can feel like a rejection of you.  I’ve moved past this feeling for the most part, thankfully.  For those fledging artists out there, remember that not everyone will be crazy about what you are producing, but it has great value to the world.  You need to keep moving forward and eventually you will gain a greater perspective, and hopefully, be able to handle a few bruises. 

God Bless



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