So my soul friend called me a bohemian yesterday…hmmmmm.  So I started to think about what he meant by ,”bohemian.”  The Websters’ definition is an artist that lives a unconventional life usually with others…Yah, that sounds about right.  My soul friend and I have changed a lot in the last fifteen years, yet we remain very close, even though we are very different.  He is a married heterosexual priest… obviously not Catholic.  I am a married lesbian artist…at least now I am. 

When we first met I was a stay at home mom married to a man, and miserable.  With his support I found myself, had another child, a divorce, met a great woman, got married again, and become a professional artist.  I am happy now with who I am and what I bring to this world, but it did take a long time to get here. I do not hide who I am, or what I believe to be true, from anyone.  That has won me some enemies, mostly family, and has also led to many wonderful experiences and friendships.  

It does not matter how long it takes to get where you need to be, just that you get there.  So I’m a married, lesbian, bohemian artist…and I’m happy.

God Bless



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