So I can be a little obsessive sometimes…who isn’t? I tend to get a little obsessive about my children, food, and art.  I am going to add two new pages to my blog this week, one about my children, and one about food.  I’m trying to gain control over my obsessions so that they have less control over me…stop laughing.  I realise that the odds are against me, but we might as well share a laugh or two while I wrestle them into submission.

I have five children, I know it sounds like a lot, it is.  In my defence, I did not give birth to all of them…thank you God.  I gave birth to number two and number four.  My wife gave birth to number one and three, number five is our grandson.  I will not use their real names to protect the innocent…no, none of them are innocent, especially numbers one, two, and three!  I love them all…I swear!

My food obsession started in childhood.  unfortunately I learned that food was a way to comfort myself during a rough start to my life.  My life is wonderful now, so I’m trying to take back control.  Both my wife and I have autoimmune diseases and we have to eat as well as we can to control some of the symptoms.  So we are slowly becoming vegetarians…shh, my wife and daughter haven’t noticed yet. Are you laughing again…I’m serious!  I’m planting a garden…yes, I know I live in northern Canada… and I’m going to preserve as much of the garden as I can for winter…which here, is about nine months of the year.

I hope that you will enjoy the new pages, and that we can laugh about my bohemian life together.

God Bless



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