Happy Birthday to Me

Happy birthday to me…I turn forty-eight today.  I haven’t had a birthday bother me since I turned thirty…still don’t know why that one stood out.  In the genetic roulette wheel of life I hit the jackpot inheriting my mother’s skin…of course it all balances out because I also inherited my father’s hair, grey at twenty-five…the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.  I remember when I was sixteen, and I thought my sister, who was getting married, was so old…she was twenty-four.  Now that I am twice her age, twenty-four seems REALLY young.

My wife and daughter baked me a beautiful chocolate cake, and gave me a copy of ,”How to Cook Everything Vegetarian,”… I guess they did know that I am not serving them meat.  I .appreciate their support and love.  Have a great day everyone.

God Bless



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