Off the Grid

My wife and I have made a big decision…we have decided that we want to eventually live off the grid in the Canadian backwoods.  I know, it sounds like I`ve taken this whole bohemian thing a little too far.  We are going to wait until our youngest is out on her own…this gives us almost a decade to save, buy, and build, our retreat.  It also gives us time to practice living off what we grow and preserve…see if we can live without things like television…can we really live without indoor plumbing?…not to sure about that one, it can go down to -30 farenheit around here. 

My wife, Kathleen, has put her foot down about the one thing she can not live without, a warm shower.  My thing that I can not do without, is the internet…I feel that I will have to be able to know how my children are doing, even though they will be adults. I will always have to sell my art… I know that I can practice my art anywhere…I will need communication with the outside world to run my business.  It is not that one ever retires from being an artist… it is who I am, not what I do.

I like to have goals whether they be daily, monthly, yearly, or by the decade.  I find that when I know where I am going, I am much more likely to get there.  I love the book, “The Follow-through Factor,”  by Gene C. Hayden.  It has wonderful motivational thoughts, and helps you to organize your thought…getting you from just dreaming to completing your goals.  I definitely recommend it.

God Bless



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