I Love Him, Let It Go

It’s hard to let go of your children…to let them make their own mistakes…you can see the train coming and you want to push them off the tracks, but you can’t.  Just like me, my children will make mistakes, fall down, and hopefully get back up a little smarter.   Some are better at this than others. You have to let go for your own sanity…yes, sadly, they can still drive you crazy when they are so-called, adults.

When Scott was young you could not get him to do anything until he decided he was good and ready.  I first noticed this during toilet training…there was nothing I could do to convince him to dump the diaper.  The day before his third birthday…just as I was thinking that he might have to go to kindergarten in diapers…he announced that he did not want diapers anymore, and he never needed them again, day or night.  He is twenty-two now and just the same…he will do it when HE is ready and not a moment before.

I just keep saying to myself, I love him, let it go. It`s my parenting mantra for my adult children. I breath deeply, close my eyes and repeat it to myself over and over.  Sure my children are thinking that I may need to go into a home…but they have been preparing for it  for a long time now.

God Bless




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