Wilber and the Chicken Wire

I have changed the names of those I talk about in my blog in order to protect the innocent, but Wilber in no innocent bystander.  We do not have chickens…not that I’m against having chickens, though I think our neighbor would be just furious…no, no chickens just a miniature dachshund.  I know what your thinking, how much damage could a dog that stands nine inches tall do?…a lot, that’s how much.  When let outside to relieve himself do you think he goes to the nice grassy area I made for him?…no, he goes straight for the newly planted vegetable seeds!  So I have resorted to surrounding my vegetable garden with chicken wire…my wife and I were out there for hours in defence our food source.  It will help to keep the rabbits out as well…one year I lost half a cabbage to Peter ******* Rabbit in one night.  It is not as though Wilber does not know what to do…you let him out, and at the bottom of the stairs he turns to see if you are watching him…if you are, he goes to his grassy area, if not, all bets are off.  He even makes a sound like a chicken…if I could just get him to lay eggs we would be in business.

God Bless…Julia


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