First Nations Windows

For the last six months I have been hard at work producing six windows that will be installed in the Standing Stones Chapel, All Saints’ Cathedral, Edmonton, Alberta.  All six are finished…well sort of.  The bear window…which of course is everyone’s favorite…has been damaged so I have had to take it back to my studio to repair it.  No problem…well actually it is a lot more work…it is easier to make the window in the first place then to take it apart, replace a few pieces, then put it back together again.

These windows have a very specific purpose.  They are a reflection of the culture of the indigenous members of the Anglican Church of Canada who have been disenfranchised because of their treatment in the residential schools they were forced to go to.  it is a horrible part of the churches history…one we can not forget…and that we as a church need to address.  I myself am not part of the First Nations Peoples of Canada…I am a member of a group of people who are still discriminated against in the church though…I am gay.  The windows have had a positive reception from all of the First Nations leaders who have seen them…for that, I am very grateful.  My art has always been a reflection not of myself, but of what God uses my hands, mind, and heart to say.  My prayer is that they can bring some healing to those who see them.

God Bless, Julia


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