The Have To-Do List

I have a to-do list just like most people, and just like most people I have a want to-do list.  Sometimes the things on the two lists are very different..those days tend to feel very long and draining…the to-do list is filled with household chores like cleaning the toilet.  I may not want to do it but the ramifications of not doing the chores can be…smelly.  So I put my big girl panties on and get the job done.  I have heard that there are actually people out there who like to do housework…crazy.

I am lucky that some of my have to-do items are also want to-dos.  Anything that has to do with my glass work, gardening, and cooking, are on both lists.  I am very aware that a lot of people have careers that have nothing to do with their have to-do lists.  Of course most of the world have to-do lists that just have items that help them to survive the day…get water, find food, find somewhere to sleep.  So in the end I try not to complain about the to-do list because I am lucky enough to have been born in a first world country, and I do not have to worry about the basic essentials of life. 

God Bless, Julia


2 thoughts on “The Have To-Do List

  1. We are fortunate to live here in first rate country with so many conveniences we take for granted. Thanks for pointing this out. Why look I can reply to you so easily and not use snail mail or maybe not even anything. You have a great day.

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