Too Much Sun

I can hear it now…don’t you live in northern Canada?…yes but I have a complicated relationship with the sun.  I have an autoimmune disease that makes the sun my enemy.  If I spend too much time in the sun, I spend the next day unable to even get out of bed.  I knew that this was going to happen…yet there I was, out in the garden, shoveling, planting, watering…I’m my own worse enemy sometimes. 

I do live in northern Canada, so when the sun comes out, everyone is out there soaking it up like a bunch of lazy cats.  I have to remember the saying from my elders…too much of anything is a bad thing.  It took three hours for me to drag my body out of bed to write this post…apparently my obsession with this blog, trumps my body’s immune system…well, for fifteen minutes anyway.


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