Factory Animals

I have been avoiding taking eggs and dairy out of our diet.  Not because of my wife and I but because of my 11-year-old that needs protein foe growth.  I’ve heard both side of the argement…but I’m still worried about doing the right thing.  I bought a book that has been sitting on my coffee table mocking me for a month now…it just sits there daring me to pick it up and read it.  So last night I picked up, “Veganist,” by Kathy Freston, and I just opened it on any page and started reading.  I very nearly lost my lunch…I opened the book at the entry about factory farming of eggs and dairy.

My wife was watching my face turn green as I forced myself to continue reading and was wondering what the heck I was doing.  When I asked her if she wanted to read it, she said she would pass, and just go along with what ever I wanted to do.  I guess only one of us needs to live with that information in their head for time memorable.  For now, we are going to buy our eggs and dairy from the farmers market where I can ask the farmers questions.  I can’t have chickens within my city’s limits…not to mention the anal retentive neighbour…so this is the best I can do for now until I can get my mind…and the rest of the family…around the idea of giving these things up.

God Bless, Julia


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