More Courage

I`m reposting this mornings post as I`m afraid it got lost somewhere in cyberspace and this is one that is important for me:

Recently, due to the American President’s statements, the NC vote, and responses to them, the LGBTQ community, and it’s issues, have been in the news.  In Canada LGBTQ people are allowed to marry and so it is easy to say that the fight is over in Canada.  Although we have made great strides, the fight goes on each day, even in Canada.  I am grateful for all the rights that have been afforded my wife and I…but there still remains things to do.

For three years now our daughter has been waiting to be the flower girl in our church wedding.  I’m afraid that by the time they allow same-sex blessing in the Anglican Church in Edmonton she will of have to be promoted to maid of honour. The Bishop of Edmonton has the right to allow blessings…she’s just not ready yet.  I could argue that she would not even be a priest if they had not accepted women into the priesthood decades ago…but it falls on deaf ears.  Politics…it all comes down to that…everyone trying to save their a** instead of doing the right thing.

Courage is doing the right thing even if you are scared out of your mind… that’s what I teach my children.  I’ve had to be courageous several times as a member of the LGBTQ…maybe one day the people we elect will be able to do the same thing that the rest of us do each day just to get by.

God Bless, Julia


4 thoughts on “More Courage

  1. So proud of our president for making a courageous statement … for LOVE! LOVE is what matters in this world; God is LOVE, all we need is LOVE … I could go on, and on :-). It’s amazing to me how so many people feel justified in hating LOVE.

  2. So, so true what you say: the fight isn’t over anywhere, really, because once we manage to acquire our rights, we will have to defend them. In our case, the state and the federal government don’t recognize our marriage, but our community of faith does recognize it. We just celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary.

    Honestly, while I am frustrated that things are moving so slowly, I am also aware of the tremendous strides taken in the relatively short time since I came out as a lesbian (1987). At that time, we dared not hold hands on the street, lest we attract violence (in Oakland, California!) By 2002, when I entered rabbinical school, the fact that I was a lesbian wasn’t even interesting; there were other LGBT folk in my class. Now President Obama, bless him, has come out in favor of our right to marry.

    I wish your bishop grace and courage, so that your daughter can be a flower girl at your wedding.

    • I’m happy for you, and your wife, that your faith supports your marriage, I hope one day to say the same, thank you 🙂

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