The House With Two Moms

I remember the day that my little girl asked my wife if she could call her mommy.  Kathleen was so surprised that she was speechless…”maybe we should ask your mom,” she said…worried that ny feelings would be hurt.  I was so happy to know that my daughter loved Kathleen so much that she wanted to call her mom too.  We decided that I would be mommy and Kathleen could be mama.  For Mother’s Day my daughter has to work twice as hard…and she loves it…she is not afraid to say her moms are gay and that everyone should just get over it.  I wish I had been half as confident as her when I was her age…my life would have been very different.  I would not change a thing though, because if I did, I would not have my beautiful children to call me mommy.

God Bless, Julia


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