Cancer on a Bun

In my quest to make myself and home healthier and more self-sufficient, I’m on the search for a dehydrator.  I am trying to figure out if buying online is cheaper than buying at the local Earth General Store.  I like the idea of supporting our local business…especially because it works hard to promote healthy responsible living.  sometimes saving a few dollars are not as important then the statement you make with your dollars.  I’m hoping the dehydrator will help to preserve some of the produce from my garden…of course right now all i have are some radish sprouts…obviously no rush to get that dehydrator.  on the weekend the family was so busy running around we made a drive through the local “cancer on a bun” fast food restaurant…we all looked green about an hour later, yuk…should have just stay hungry.  We will either have to plan better…bring snacks…or find a better place to eat.

On a lighter note, please visit my new Etsy site,, and let me know what you think.  there is not a lot on there yet…but check back…I’ll have more from me and Kathleen.

God Bless, Julia


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