Have You Seen My Nouns

This morning’s wake up call gives new meaning to, up and running. Everyone slept in…Claire ran into our room yelling about the time…I jumped up startled, and Kathleen just kept sleeping…didn’t even move.  Wednesdays are hard around here…it is Wednesday isn’t it?…yes, I’m pretty sure.  You are probably thinking about now…does she have a point? Yes, yes I do…I have just misplaced it for a moment.  After 45 years sometimes thoughts, and other things, wander away for a while.  Most of the time they come back…but sometimes they are gone forever.  Apparently in menopause one of the first things to go are nouns…I forget the name of things…not just for a moment, I mean it’s as if they the noun never existed.  I stand there with a frustrated look on my face, staring at the person…I like to pretend that the problem is theirs not mine by saying,”you know, the THING.”  I know what they are thinking…going to have to put her in a home soon…it’s so sad, she’s so young to be losing her mind.  I not losing it…it just wanders away once in a while.

God Bless, Julia


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