I Love/Hate Technology

I love that I can communicate with family and friends all over the world.  I love that I can quickly find information about just about anything in minutes.  The only people who had computers when I was in university were students doing their doctorates…and they were huge, no carrying those suckers back and forth to school.  I wrote all my work in university on a typewriter…yes, I’m that old.  Now, my daughter, and her entire class, have laptops with specialty programs designed for their learning disabilities, that their teacher can log on to, to check their work…she’s in grade 5.  Technology has definitely changed the first world, at least the people who have access to it.

I  hate technology when it is not working properly.  There are few things that can get me worked up, then when my computer refuses to load the internet, or my phone decides it’s time to call it quits.  Obviously I am tied to technology…I am a willing participant in the, “grid.”  There is a huge part of me that wants to turn my back on this new first world of ours…but not being able to communicate readily with others, and not be able to do research easily, is going to be the last thing that I can give up.  If someone told me I had to use a pit toilet for the rest of my life, I could do it…but if my phone fell into said toilet…oh, NO,NO.

I’m writing about this because I know it is time to take my computer in for a tune up…pray for me, 🙂

God Bless, Julia


3 thoughts on “I Love/Hate Technology

  1. I don’t have a cell phone. I try to avoid too much technology, don’t even know how to ‘text’ but just the thought of losing the internet would be a nightmare! We are a passive people and don’t stand up for much these days though I truly believe people would go out to the streets in masses over the internet. 😉

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