Cleaning Day

I woke up the morning, dragged myself to the bathroom, looked in the mirror, and didn’t recognise the person looking back at me…she was frightening, hair standing up every which way, bags under her eyes, sallow wrinkly skin…it was awful.  Once I realised it was me, I was even more frightened…I gave an involuntary yelp…Kathleen asked if everything was alright…I said yes, but really, it’s not.  I’ve been so busy this week that everything, other than work, has been ignored…and wow does it show.  I’m a wreck, the house is a disaster, the garden is over run with weeds, the animals are forming a union, and Kathleen looked at me yesterday and said, “do I know you?”

So this is it…time to pay attention to those people and things I say are most important to me…not that work isn’t, but I always have to remind myself it’s all about balance.  Yes, I’ve been off-balance, in more ways than one.  So today is about cleaning house…and lots of other things too.  It’s about spending time with family and friends…and maybe a little time with myself.  It’s about rescuing the garden, and breaking the rebel alliance among the animals.  It’s about balance, have a great Sunday everyone.

God Bless, Julia


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