Bean Town

So you are probably thinking, this post is about my garden, or a trip to Boston…no, it’s about someone named, Bean.  I have tried not to use the real names of the people I love in my posts…to protect the innocent, and not so innocent.  Up until know I have been using my wife’s middle name in my posts.  Well now I have a problem…my wife has used her real name for her new etsy site…so now I have to use her real name, with her permission of course. 

My wife’s real name is…drum roll please…Bean.  Ok, her parents did not name her after a legume, they named her Bernice…my daughter started calling her Bean after she read it in a book called, “Ivy and Bean.”  In the book the little girl’s real name is Bernice, but everyone calls her Bean.  My wife hates her real name…she is convinced that it is a name for a 90-year-old woman…so now she is Bean.  Her etsy shop name will be Bean’s Paper Tales…she is obsessed with paper.  I will add a link when it is available, and I will post some of her work on this blog.  There is no conceivable way that Bean will start her own blog…I’m the gaby one. So if there is something you want to write to her, write it to me…I’ll pass it on.

 Today is a holiday in Canada.  So if you are Canadian, Happy Victoria Day, everyone else just have a great day.

God Bless, Julia


2 thoughts on “Bean Town

  1. I know how you feel about name change. All the people on my blog have different names. But many of those names actually all were nicknames,I even have a post about that. Hey more power to you,you feel what you want to write name changing is fine.You have a wonderful day. I have a great aunt Bernice and her nickname is Bean. She had 8 kids and is 88 years old.

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