Hate is a Strong Word

When I was young my mother would admonish me when I used the word, hate.  She would say, “hate is a strong word you should be very careful how you use it,”…she was right.  Hate is a very strong word…it is a word that starts arguments, and fighting…racism, bullying, and even wars are justified with this word.  There are times when I hate someone’s behaviours or words…however I try not to hate the person. I find the most difficult time…when it is hard not to hate the person…is when that person directs their anger directly at you because you are simply being who you are…being true to yourself.  

There is only one way to fight hate, and that is with an equally strong word…Love.  I know it sound sappy, even contrite, yet I know no other way to stop the hate…to bring peace to the situation. It is so hard to act with love, that we consider those who excel, heroes, people of great substance.  Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandel, are people that we should raise up as shining examples of love…but I believe that everyone is capable of great love.  If we can feel hate, they we can feel love…if we can act with hate, then we can act with love.

God Bless, Love, Julia


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