Wilber and Blu

We have a dog in our family…Wilber is a minature dachshund…he is very cute, but when God was handing out brains, well let’s just say he was only given half a share.  I know, you’re thinking that’s not very nice, but it’s the truth, and I have evidence.  Two nights ago I was watching him growl at his toy, when he quite obviously passed some gas.  He turned and looked at his tail wondering what was going on back there…he sniffed it and then shook his head because, apparently, it did not smell very good. If that was not enough evidence, about one minute later he passed wind again…this time he barked at his tail.  So I wiped away my tears from all my laughter…he’s so entertaining.

We have a cat in our family…he is cute…but mostly he is just evil.  I know, you’re thinking that’s not very nice, but it’s the truth, and I have evidence…he sets the dog up to get in trouble.  He sneaks into Claire’s room to steal one of her stuffed animals..he brings it downstairs and leaves it in the dog’s kennel…then he sits on the couch and waits for the fireworks.  However there is one problem with his dastardly plan…the dog is not allowed upstairs where the bedrooms are, so he could not have gone upstairs to get the stuffed animal.  To be fair, we fell for it a few times, then we caught Blu in the act…evil I’m telling you.

God Bless, Julia


3 thoughts on “Wilber and Blu

  1. I had a cat one time and if my husband and I went out the cat would get to Napkins,toilet paper,paper towels what ever he could get his mitts on and tear to shreds. Thanks for the laughs.Have a great day.

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