Rude People

We all run into rude people in our lives…some of them may even be family…so let me tell you about someone who walked into my life yesterday.  I had the feeling that I was suppose to learn something from this person…but I’m not sure what.  It ties into something that happened to my wife, Bernice, the day before.  My wife and I approach people in our lives differently…my wife will tell you exactly what she thinks…I tend to package my thoughts with sugar.  So when we both ran into rude people, we handled it very differently.

Bernice was on her way home on public transit when a woman got on the bus and sat behind her.  This woman made several rude and disparaging remarks to the lady sitting beside her about the lady’s weight.  My wife turned around and told the woman that she was rude…surprised, the woman stared at my wife and said, “what?”  Bernice jusg kept telling her she was rude…the broken record technique…until the woman just gave up and became silent…that is exactly what you are suppose to do.  She practically got a standing ovation from the rest of the bus.  I wish sometimes I could do that.

I went to the local electronics shop about my computer, of course…I hate this computer.  I waited for my turn and started explaining to the technitian what was going wrong…it worked perfectly while I was there, of course.  A man walked up to the counter with his computer, dropped it, and proceeded to interupt the different technicians that were already speaking with other clients.  Apparently he was more important, and his time was more valuable, than everyone else there.  He was loud and obnoxious…he was rude.  I thought about what my wife would do…then I thought about whether this guy was crazy as a loon, and what the chances were that he was packing heat…I know, I live in northern Canada, he probably had a pocket full of lint.  I couldn’t do it…I just sat there staring at him and let the technitian handle him.  I really need to get a back bone…it’s hard to walk without one.

God Bless, Julia


5 thoughts on “Rude People

  1. I surely can relate to you. Some of my kids take after me no backbone. Some of them have one like their dad. But sometimes one can be better then the other. Which one I ponder. Have a good day.

  2. When I worked in retail,I often wished customers would show a little more back bone. Either in discouraging people from butting in line, or in situations like Barnice’s.
    There would be times when someone would shove in front, I would call them on it, then they’d looks at the other customers who would all just shy away to avoid confrontation. Then I’d have an extra snooty attitude to deal with.
    If people think they can get away with it they will just because they enjoy doing it.
    Society on whole needs to learn to stand up for each other and not wait for a store clerk or a police officer to handle a situation that anybody else could take control of.

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