I am so impressed by the creativity of the bloggers…I find it inspirational, keeping my mind thinking.  When you are in a studio all the time, and not getting feedback about your work, or seeing other artist’s work, it is easy to feel unmotivated.  Your words of encouragement, and seeing what others are up to, help to make me feel connected to the outside world. I find everyone to be so supportive of each other.  Thank you for all your kind words.

I once read a book that suggested that the reader should have an artist date once a week…actually, I think it was more than one book I have seen it in.  An artist date is when you take yourself out to some place that is inspirational for you in a creative way.  For everyone it is different…it could be a museum, a dollar store, on a walk in the woods…we are all inspired by different things.  You need to go out on your own…ditch the kids on a neighbour.  I have done this and I do think it is useful, especially if you are feeling out of touch, cooped up, or the kids at making you crazy.


6 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. I gotta start doing that. What a wonderful idea. Hmmm. . .an “artist date.” That’s what I’ve been missing. Have to be careful though, it could get expensive. 🙂

  2. I love the idea of an artist date! That would be such a welcome respite from kids, renovations and work. I can tell hubby it’s for my business… (not to mention my sanity). Hmmm… wonder if I can claim that as a small business expense? lol Call it a creativity meeting or a creative directors’ meeting. (Singular. It’s just me ;)) Your blog inspires me, thank-you. And thanks for stopping by my blog, Diy Nerd, it makes my day when such creative and talented people read my work. It’s strangely validating, lol. Have a great weekend!!

  3. I like the idea of “artist dates” – my favorite ones, but slightly overwhelming are at Michaels or Hobby Lobby! 2nd hand resales are fun too. I’m a wire bender – make jewelry and other projects and am “alone in my art” most of the time. Thanks for coming by to see the suncatchers I posted.

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