It’s Calling My Name

The garden is calling me…it’s using foul language…I wish it would shut up.  I’ve been neglecting the garden for the last week.  It rained for three days last week which is very unusual for the prairies.  The rain meant I got out of the habit of going out each morning to tend to the garden. It takes six weeks of repeadily doing something for it to become a habit…apparently that only applies to good habits, because the bad ones seem to only need three days.  So in order to keep the garden from embarrassing me in front of the neighbours, I’m going to have to drag myself outside. 

Three days of rain also means the grass is now almost up to my knees…I admit I am vertically challenged, but it’s still high.  I don’t have a lot of grass, I prefer to have as much of the space as possible dedicated to growing.  The dogs area is grass and as he is only nine inches high…he takes after me…I’m affraid he’ll get lost out there…I will have to call in a rescue team.  Now I wouldn’t mind losing the cat out there for a few hours…remember, he’s evil…but he is bigger than the dog, so that won’t work.  I could let it go for another week but then they would have to send in a rescue team for me…I guess I better take care of it.

God Bless, Julia


7 thoughts on “It’s Calling My Name

    • He’s a miniature dachsund, a hot dog dog, don’t hot dogs and Coney Island go together, lol 🙂

    • Don’t be sad, just take it one step at a time, just plant a small space. I have been ill for the past three years so I have not been able to garden…but I find even a small space gives you the opportunity to relate to the environment and energies you. Good luck 🙂

  1. I feel your pain. I’ve been coming up with my own excuses. It’s too cold, it’s too windy and of course the old faithful . . . I’m tired. But wait patiently it will. Weeds do thumb their noses at us you know. I braved the elements last night and popped a few plants in the ground. I could hear their sigh of relief when I turned my back. I think they were tired of waiting for me to water their little pots. Now all they have to do is wait for their water from the sky. Jokes on them! 🙂

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