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Summer Quiet

I’ve been waiting for half a day now to write a post…I’ve been waiting for something funny, or at lest happy to pop into my head.  The truth is all I can think about today is how Claire left for two weeks yesterday to spend some of the summer holidays with her dad.  Her dad refuses to let me talk to her when she is with him, so that means two weeks without hearing her voice to know that she is o.k.  When she left yesterday she was crying and did not want to leave, I had to convince her that everything was going to be alright. I don’t think anything bad will happen…I’ll just miss her voice and her funny stories.  I’m hoping that if I just get that off my chest, put it out there so to speak, that I’ll be able to move on to other things.

Having children is like having your heart walking around outside your chest.  When something happens to them,, it happens to you too, good and bad.  It gets a little better when they are adults…at least for me…but you still go through their ups and downs with them…they never stop being your babies. Like the Robert Munch book says, “I’ll love you forever I`ll love you for always, as long as I`m living, my baby you`ll be. I`m hoping  one day I can read that book without tearing up, lol…there I go being pathetic again.

God Bless, Julia


Being Canadian

As a Canadian, I apologise for the four letter word.

Sunday is July 1st…that means that my country will be celebrating Canada Day.  Canada Day is the equivalent to the U.S. Fourth of July.  These two events highlight some of the differences between Canadians and Americans.  Living so close to the U.S. you would think that Canadians and Americans were pretty much the same.  American media can have a huge effect on our identity, but we have been able to hold on to some of it.  Being Canadian I first have to start with a disclaimer…in no way does this post imply that I do not like and appreciate our U.S. neighbour.

On July 1st Canadians will politely gather to drink Canadian beer, in the company of other polite Canadians.  There will be very respectful gatherings of people…complaining about how hot it is, because Canadian’s favorite topic of conversation is the weather…to barbeque various forms of dead animals, and spray ominous amounts of cancer-causing insect repellent, to ward off the hummingbird size mosquitoes and black flies. Some will gather around the t.v. to watch performers like, the Bare Naked Ladies, perform from our country’s capital.  Most people will  go to bed early, happy that they have a three-day weekend to enjoy the two months of the year when they don’t have to have the heating on.

Here are some questions to see how much even Canadians don’t know about Canada.

1. For fifty points…what is Canada’s capital?

2. For twenty points…name a Canadian musician who is not Justin Bieber, or the Bare Naked Ladies?

3. For two thousand points…who was Canada’s first Prime Minister?

4. For one thousand points…name Canada’s current Prime Minister?

5. For five points…what are Canada’s two official languages?

6. For fifty points…how many provinces and territories does Canada have?

7. For five millions points…name ALL the provinces and territories?

I do know these answers without Googling them…but I have a university degree in geography and education…so don’t feel bad, this is just for fun!

God Bless, Julia

I Am Soooo Not Straight

Those of you who read my blog regularly will get the joke…what I am refering to is the kind of shapes I am drawn to.  What did she say? yes, shapes, not sexual orientation, although that works too.  I once had an art teacher who said there are no straight lines in nature…girrrrl, you preaching to the choir, lol. When I am working on a new project I always seem to make curvy lines instead of straight ones.  In stained glass, curvy lines are harder to work with…figures.  Even if the design is originally someone elses, I change it to incorporate wavy lines.  Much of my work is inspired my nature so I guess it is no surprise.

I have a commission for three windows to go into a country church that calls for straight lines.  The other windows in the church are very traditional  and they want the new windows to fit into the existing ones, of course, I do too.  So for a few months I am going to have to work with straight lines, fine, but I’m not going back into the closet!  Girrrrrl,  I don’t even know where the closet is any more.

God Bless, Julia

O.K. I’m About To Be Pathetic

O.K. so I’m about to be really pathetic…I SOLD MY FIRST ITEM IN MY ETSY SHOP.  I logged in expecting to see the same thing I have for the last two months.  I stared at the screen and began to yell and pump my arms…the wife thought the computer had electrocuted me. I felt like Sally Fields at the Oscars…you like me, you really, really like me.  Bernice and I  high-fived once I explained, and then the realization that I had no idea what to do next surfaced.  A half hour of panic late,r I had figured everything out, and was ready to ship the ring.  It felt really good.

I know, big deal, it’s one freaking sale get ahold of yourself girl! I have a feeling of success in the stained glass part of my business… commissions and sales are good…but it has been slow on the Etsy side of things.  It is just one sale, but I was beginning to think that I was never going to sell anything on Etsy.  Of course you know it was the Wonder Woman ring…it’s hard to resist super powers like that, :).  So I will continue to work on my fused glass, making things that I like.  It wont make me rich…I don’t really care much about that…I just want to do my work, keep on being creative, and if others like it, so much the better.

God Bless, Julia

No Arms, No Legs…No Worries

I posted this because I don’t want to lose it…I want to be able to go back and listen to it at times that I think I’m defeated.  I teared up when I saw this…I know, big surprise…but I think others may too.  Save it, repost it, pass it on…I’m sure their is someone in your life that needs to here this right now

God Bless, Julia

Warning! This is Not Funny

I’m a planner…I make plans and then I execute them.  I make the plans for my future based on the existing intelligence…sounds like a military operation doesn’t it? It’s not, but I do take it very seriously…I know that there are things that I am supposed to be doing, things we are all called to do.  What I am supposed to do is not what my next door neighbour, or you, are supposed to do.  So what happens if you are going along just fine, and then life throws you a curve ball?  It happens to all of us…you think everything is as it should be, and then, boom, your on your rear end wondering what just happened.

Reassessment time…are you suppose to hold true to the course, or make a new plan.  What if making a new plan means letting a bunch of people, who you care for, down…but sticking with the first plan is just not possible? I look back now and see that I was not listening…to my loved ones, or to God.  I messed up, I made a HUGE mistake…and right now it feels like the end of the road, but it’s not, the road continues, and so, I must continue. Today I have to stop, look, and listen…especially the listening…and hope there is something to listen to.

I warned you it wasn’t funny,

God Bless Julia


I’m old enough to remember Wonder Woman on t.v….the first time around.  In my head, when I say Wonder Woman, I’m actually singing it as it was sung in the show’s theme song…Wonderwomannnnnn.  I so wanted to be her…the golden lasso , the bullet proof cuffs…she could take on anyone, and still have great hair.  Now I know that great hair, had a lot of hairspray.

Back then the hairspray made your hair like a helmet…a cancer causing, tear inducing spray that made you smell like the cafeteria ladies from your high school.  No offence meant to the cafeteria ladies of the world, you do an essential job…but the ladies that came before you have not left a great legacy in terms of hair and perfume.  We could smell them coming from a hundred yards…poor things.  I’ve gone off on a tangent haven’t I? Right, Wonder Woman…

I loved the way Wonder Woman made you feel like you could do anything…there were not all that many powerful woman on t.v. back then.  So I made a ring to wear to make me remember how powerful I am when I’m feeling a little bit vulnerable.  Yeah! Just let that mechanic try to convince me I need a new transmission, when all I came in for was an oil change…Wonderwomannnnnnnnnnnnn.

God Bless, Julia