You Never Know

The thing about working with warm glass is you can never really be sure how something is going to look when it comes out of the kiln.  Of course that is what makes it so interesting as well.  You can try to control the variables of glass, temperature, and time all you want but really it’s just going to go ahead and do whatever it wants…sort of like teenagers.  You would think by now with 3 post teenage boys I’s be use to it…but does anyone truly get use to teenagers. I think it’s more like just trying to get to the other end with both of you in relatively good shape…it’s like that with glass too. 

I put all the controls in place that I could, I had the right temp, the right colored glass in the right placement…I even used a mold this time, but still things went sideways.  The earings that were suppose to be 1/2″ wide turned out to be more like a 1/4″ inch…cute but much too small.  The pendants have holes in them…problem?…not enough glass in the molds.  On to try number two…it would not be so bad but things can take up to 18 hours in the kiln…very time consuming.  Still I could be rummaging through garbage to feed my family…always look at the bright side, lol.

God Bless Julia


6 thoughts on “You Never Know

  1. Thanks for the “Like”, Julia! I love your blog, too! I also moved from out East (Toronto) and now live in Edmonton. Small world. Weird, we’d meet in the blogosphere….

    Your glass art is beautiful. Where do you usually sell your work?



    • I am working on my jewelry for pride in mid june right now, I have my etsy sight, which will have more stuff once pride is out of the way. My stained glass is by commission, usually for large churches. It is a small world. Let me know what’s going on with you.

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