I Said “Back Off”

Have you ever had a day when the first thing you thought about in the morning is that you are already late? You know before your feet hit the ground that you are running behind.  The whole day feels like you are just playing catch up…anxiety, that’s what it is.  I’m afraid that I wont get everything done. That I’ll let someone down…seriously, who do I think I am?  I’m not a nerosurgeon…no one is going to die if the dishes have to wait.  The world is not going to end because the bathroom sink needs cleaning.  Yes, those things need doing, but really do I have to give myself more pressure…no thanks, I, like you, have enough pressure.  So back off me, I’m getting to it!

God Bless, Julia


5 thoughts on “I Said “Back Off”

  1. Don’t sweat the small stuff lol — as I get older and my body becomes less cooperative I say f-it a lot more often than I ever have regarding chores I normally couldn’t rest without doing. As long as you come back to it at some point in the not too distant future (sanitary reasons of course) it’s all good! LOL. Hang in there and hyperventilating is not allowed…deep cleansing breathes! “-P

  2. It will all sort itself out and you will be able to take a step back. Then you’ll say “What the heck was that all about?!”


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