Animals Under Foot

Bernice and I are dog sitting this week…the little guy’s name is Rambo.  Don’t let the name fool you, he is really just a marshmallow, covered in a lot of fur.  I knew that our own pets, Wilber (miniature dachshund) and Blu (the infamous evil cat), would have an adjustment period but it’s been three days now, and the two…or three…sides are not even at the negotiating table.  Anytime someone moves, warning shots are fired…there is growling, meowing, yelling…and it takes a few moments for everyone to realise it wasn’t the start of WW3. 

Blu, I know, is planning his retaliation already…he keeps glaring at us with a look like, “really?…two of them? You will pay for your transgression? mmmoooohhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa!  I imagine the cat sounds like the evil guy from the Mike Myers movie, Austin Powers  We thought yesterday that the fighting had begun…according to Claire’s reporting in the field, Blu allegedly attacked Rambo…they are all fine, Claire’s imagination can be quite vivid…but the cat is evil, remember. 

As far as Wilber is concerned this is just an opportunity to get more food.  For Wilber, the good part of not being very smart, is that he forgets that there is even another dog in the house…until he walks by.  If Rambo stayed long enough then maybe they could set up an alliance against the cat…but, he goes home on Monday, and then the house will return to the cat’s dictatorship again.

God Bless, Julia


3 thoughts on “Animals Under Foot

  1. LOL!!!! I loved this! So funny! You did a great job describing a scene I could totally visualize. There is ALOT of drama that plays out with new animal intro’s even if they are temporary! Like you I’m always trying to imagine what my animals are thinking/saying about things. Thanks for making me smile this morning. P.s they’ll miss Rambo, drama keeps things fresh lol.

    • I’m not sure the dog will remember, and the cat will miss him, but never admit it. 🙂

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