Scott’s Acceptance


Scott and Chanel

When  I, “came out,” Scott was 13 years old…not the best time in his life for his mom to announce that she is a lesbian.  He has always maintained that he is just fine with it…he’s tolerant, having an incredibly diverse group of friends.  His teenage years were difficult though…he acted out, a lot…letting his father and I know that he was less than impressed us.  He is twenty-two now…I’ve tried to back off and give him time and space to find himsel,f and hopefully to come to terms with his imperfect parents.

Yesterday I was walking in the Gay Pride parade in our city.  Claire always walks with me…she does not remember me being anything other than gay…she likes to say,” my mom is gay and that’s ok!”  As we were marching right in front of the main stage area of the parade, Scott came running out of the crowd, and hugged me in front of thousands of people.  I, of course, broke into tears, he simply smiled, said, “I love you,” and told me to continue the parade…he would find me later.  I love that boy…sorry, Dude.

God Bless, Julia


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