Dehydrator Love

I did finally get my dehydrator in the mail.  I love getting things in the mail.  I have been using it to dry apples…love them…bananas…they are ok, and cherries.  It has been handy for the cherries…as usual, the cherries have appeared at the Farmer’s market, just for a few weeks, and then they will be gone.  I am not a fan of cherries, so I’m not sure if they taste good or not.  According to the cherry lovers in the family, they do taste good.  I’m not sure that the taste test is fair…if they try them in the dead of winter, when the allure of the fresh cherries are a long forgotten pleasure, there may be rave reviews…for that I will have to wait. If there is one thing I can count on in Northern Canada it is the deep freeze of winter.

The cherries take a long time to dry, up to twenty hours.  I have canned some, and I will make some jam when the really sweet cherries are in.  I can freeze some, but we have a small freezer, and space is at a premium…so the rest will have to go in the dehydrator.

God Bless, Julia


10 thoughts on “Dehydrator Love

  1. I’m going to build an outdoor one this summer. We went to a home show in Toronto years ago and the winner for the new product of the year was dried pineapple. It was good! Hope you let us know all the foods you test!

    • i posted a pic of my dehydrator on today’s blog post…by the time I bought all the acessories and got it through the mail it came to about $120, but mine is quite large. You could try health food stores, or buy online like I did 🙂

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