Where Is My List of Lists?

Dried Strawberries, Apples, and Cherries

I am a list person…I like to make list of things I have to do, want to do, ect. This would be great…if I could ever keep track of my lists.  I’ve tried to write them in notebooks, even special pretty ones just for that.  I’ve tried sticky notes…problem?…you have to remember where you stuck them.  I’ve tried my phone…I can ignore things for over a year on the phone. I’ve written a list about where my lists are…”hun, do you know where my list of lists is?”  Maybe if I put the list out there in the world I will feel more of a comitment to it…so here is a list of things I have to do this week.

  1. Finish repairing Bear window for Cathedral for Sunday…easier then it sounds
  2. Dehyrate glut of cherries…makes my hands deep red, but once in the dehydrator, I’m pretty much done.
  3. Attack overgrown garden with machete…can’t see the dog when he is outside.
  4. Finish preparing for the biggest craft sale of the year…have no idea how I’m going to get that done.
  5. Write homily for church on Sunday…I wonder if I can wind this one?
  6. Draw front cover of church leaflet…not sure this one is going to get done
  7. Keep up with housework and other duties around the house…the family can stop laughing now
  8. Have caffene introvienously injected into body…as long as I don’t have to go to the hospital to get it done, because I don’t have the time.
  9. Sleep…right, this is probablynot going to happen because of nos. 1-8

God Bless, Julia


10 thoughts on “Where Is My List of Lists?

  1. If that is all true you sure are a busy person Julia. I will keep you in my prayers. Do like me I have not touched my garden since beginning of spring. Weeds are up to my waste and I hate it.

    • thanks, luckily it real is only this week that I have dealines like this, otherwise my days are much slower

  2. Good luck with your mammoth list! And thanks for the photo of the dehydrator – I think I will start investigating where I could get one. I’ve tried drying fruit in the oven before but it’s hard to get the right temperature and enough air circulation, and it’s impossible to dry fruit by laying it out in the climate where I live. No chance of sun-dried anything! A dehydrator might be the answer.

    • If you live in Canada the place I ordered mine from has free shipping…a big bonus. I can say that it works wonderfully 🙂

  3. I’ve found two pretty good lists solutions are: a white board (it can’t go anywhere) and the “to do” function in Google Calendar (it also can’t go anywhere, although it can be cranky sometimes). I also maintain on computer and in a red folder on my desk the master “ProjSked” spreadsheets that have the overall deadlines for everything.

    • I’m going to try the white board, but I know that red folder would be hidden under a bunch of other things so it would stop screaming at me lol, 🙂

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