What Would The Neighbors Think

“What would the neighbors think”…words that my mother use to live by.  I have words that I live by…such as,” love thy neighbor,”…I like mine better.  For a long time I lived with my mother’s saying in my head, even though I knew it wasn’t for me.  It takes time for each person to develop their own sense of self…if they ever do.  Living by my mother’s words led to many years in the closet…it’s stuffy in there, and crowded, :). In no way am I blaming my mother for my choices…she was living in a different time, when her world view was considered normal.

So what is normal…I have no idea except to say I’m not it.  My family and I do not fit into what society would call normal…thank God.  What this really means is that, in this family, you are free to be yourself…gay, straight, clean shaven, hairy, but I draw the line at smelly…we have to live together after all.  I prefer the word quirky, instead of normal.  Imagine if your parents said, “can’t you be quirky?”, instead of, “can’t you be normal.” I bet we would all be a little more accepting of ourselves and our neighbors.

God Bless


12 thoughts on “What Would The Neighbors Think

  1. I’m not sure where all these “normal” families are hiding but I have yet to meet any of them! It seems like normal would be a little abnormal in this world. 😉 Love the post!!!

  2. I challenge anyone to adequately describe the word “normal”. I say as long as we live a life of mindfulness and loving kindness towards one another, that is what is truly important. Let’s all be who we are truly intended to be and not judge anyone else!

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