The Big Weekend

I look just like Pooh

So this is it, the big weekend, the one I have been working toward for the last six months.  I’ve made six windows for the Cathedral, set up my business, and made a ton of pride jewelry…I’m sort of ready.  I still have lots to do today, the sale tonight , and the blessing of the windows tomorrow, and then…sleep.  this is also the big weekend for Bernice, she reports this morning that she is, “happy and scared to death.” 🙂

Claire is finished school in less than two weeks…and in that time she has the races that she waits for all year…so that she can run in provincials in the 100m and 200m sprints.  She will be very disappointed in herself if she does not make it.  We tell her that we love her no matter what…but she sees the two most important women in her life going crazy about this weekend.

The most important person in a child’s life is the same-sex parent…she has two of them…does that mean she has twice the pressure?  Well she has twice the love and support anyway.  Wish us luck, I think we may need it…and sleep of course 🙂


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