Blogs that I Think Are Great

So my house and life are back to normal…yeah right, just fell off my chair I was laughing so hard.  I follow these blogs I have listed and find them to be wonderful.

  1.…I wonderful artist who always offers words of encourement and insight. 
  2. A spiritually uplifting blog filled with insight.
  3. these two are just the sweetest couple…I want to grow up to be just like them. 🙂
  4. Always full of great info…the  management of her cronic illness helps me to keep a check on my and my wife`s illnesses…thanks 🙂
  5. insightful and supportive, truely a good person
  6. I love this blog…reminds me of my Scottish roots

these are the blogs that I have given awards to…check them out…you will be happy you did.

God Bless, Julia


8 thoughts on “Blogs that I Think Are Great

  1. You are such a dearheart and thank you for your award nomination. I’m terrible about the awards thingies so I apologize. I have enjoyed your writing since I started following. It’s so nice to connect with folks who are on the same page about life! Have a lovely day.

      • That sounds like how my sister picks teams in the football pool…oh they have nice uniforms, I pick them…pisses off her husband to no end when she wins the pool, lol

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