Father’s Day


Happy Father`s Day

I try very hard to like Father`s Day…but it is hard…father died over thirty years ago.  Claire is with her father this weeekend…under court order I`m not allowed to share my feelings about him as a father…but I`m sure you can guess.  It is very hard to be a good father, I know this not because I am a mother, or had a father, but because I find good ones hard to find.  At church this morning I wished tree men who I believe are good fathers, a happy father`s day.

These men are drastically different fathers, but they share some common traits. One, they love their children unconditionaly…they love their children no matter the problems, disabilities, arguments…there love is strong and true.  Two, they like their children…they enjoy spending time with them and do so on a regular, if not daily, basis.  Three, they show their children that they love them…they give them hugs, pats of the backs, offer sound advise, support and encouragement.  Four, this is something that the children probably don`t know…when their children are in trouble, I see the pain in their father`s eyes…these father`s would take on their children`s pain in an instant if they could.

My hope is that your father is as great as these fathers are…Happy Father`s Day.

God Bless, Julia


One thought on “Father’s Day

  1. I understand your feelings Julia, although I don’t know your story. Most all my memories of my father are painful or sad. What I try to do is look for the small things he taught me that have been positive in my life, few and far between that they may be.

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