I`ll Take You Out

Normally I am a calm, peace-loving, balanced person…but put a board game or deck of cards in front of me and I become a sarcastic, trash talking, competitive freak.  I come by it naturally…I have three siblings who will tear each other apart to claim a win… and then run around the house with their arms in the air singing, We Are The Champions.  A few years back when we were all together we decided that it would be a good idea to play Trivial Pursuit.  In unison, our spouses stood up and said, WE ARE NOT PLAYING.  Looking all innocent, we wanted to know what was wrong…it was then that they explained that we were the most competitive group of people they had ever met. 

I had not realised until then how it must look to others…I thought all siblings behave this way when they play a game…apparently, Go Fish,  be a blood sport.  When Bernice and I went to the house of some friends they wanted to play Hearts.  That would have been fine, but our friends apparently grew up in the same kind of house as mine…we were trash talking within five minutes.  My wife was horrified by our behaviour…obviously it is not just my siblings that I will take down. So I`ve gone cold turkey on the leisure games…with adults anyway.  I have to watch myself when playing card games with Claire…I could take her out. 

God Bless, Julia


13 thoughts on “I`ll Take You Out

    • That`s my wife…you would think someone was comitting a capital offence…and don`t even say that it was a mistake, yikes! lol 😉

  1. My Dad, husband and I are like that playing cribbage and My Aunt is not a very nice loser with dominos. Me, well I take after both sides of the family and trash talking livens things up and makes wins all the sweeter! You should film one of your events I bet it would go viral on Utube LOL!

  2. I love this post, reminds me of me and my family! I am the same way, super laid back and easy going until there is competition involved, then I act like a maniac! What can I say, I love competition, don’t think there is anything wrong with it. Well, maybe I could tone down the trash talk a little 🙂 Thanks for the post and for following my blog. Take care.

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