My Friend and Mentor

I have this friend…he’s funny, insightful, supportive, and incredibly intelligent…however it is his compassion for his fellow-man that makes him a great person, and friend.  When you hurt, he hurts with you.  He believes that everyone you meet during your day, is going through a great struggle…I believe it to be true.  I try to remind myself of this when I’ve had an encounter with someone who just pissed me off…they might be in great pain.  They did not mean to; cut me off, give me a dirty look, say something nasty, or otherwise act without thought. 

Pain, physical, or emotional, can make us behave in ways that me would not normally do.  I believe that most people are genuinely kind…but sometimes they forget who they are…they say and do things that are out of character for them.  There are people who are  not nice, but I find that most of these people have had pasts filled with pain, and so that pain continues.  People still make me upset, just like everyone else, but I find that if I tell myself that they are just acting out their pain, then I do not spend the rest of my day brooding about it. Enjoy your day…

God Bless, Julia


8 thoughts on “My Friend and Mentor

  1. I believe that you are right and that everyone is going through something at any given time. We need to, however, make a conscious effort to separate our issues and not let them effect our relationships with others. Every new encounter is a blank slate.

  2. I have my “smiley, wavey, chatty” days and then there are the…”don’t f**** with me days.” I noticed recently how the whole canvas of a day gets painted by the difference in my attitude!

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