Temporary Insanity

Do you ever have days where you wake up angry with the world?  I’m not sure if it’s dreams that I don’t remember, maybe it was the hot flashes and sweltering heat, or, just maybe, it was because I was fighting for space in the king size bed with the evil CAT.  Why does the fur covered animal find it warranted to lay beside me taking up half the bed. It’s a king size bed, you would think there was enough room for two adults and an 8lb cat.  As I try to move away from him, he moves closer…It’s like playing tag when you are semi conscious. 

I’m sure the cat is thinking…wake me from my nap will you? Let’s see how you sleep tonight! The cat sleeps all day, now I know it is so he can keep me up all night and then, at 5 a.m., start meowing in my face for food.  He flicks my face with his tail, whines in my ear, paws at my face…I’m sure he thinks I should be grateful his claws are not out.  So I drag myself out of bed, hoping that I will get peace and quiet for another hour until I am supposed to get up.  I feed Satin, he sniffs it, and WALKS AWAY.  Evil, he is just EVIL.

God Bless, Julia


6 thoughts on “Temporary Insanity

  1. Julia I SO understand your pain. We don’t allow our cats in the room at night because of the antics you so well describe here. May has to lay on my legs…all 15 lbs of her. Amber has to make frequent bathroom trips or check and see if I’m still alive so it’s up, down all frickin night. They don’t sleep really either and the midnight yeowling for me to come and see the stuffed squirrel one of them killed isn’t happiness! Our little rat terrier Spot pretty much stays in her little bed and the only time she disturbs me is for emergency outdoor business, early morning thunderstorms or if Daddy’s doing aerobics in his sleep. When we had our cocker spaniel Sammy, who was about 25lbs, he could make a King bed feel real small too! Wouldn’t mind him doing that sometimes now…miss my boy!

  2. At my boyfriend’s house it is 7am. One by one they jump on the bed and begin their wake up routine. There are 6 of them. They’ve got it down to a science. They rule us. We are doomed…

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