I’m old enough to remember Wonder Woman on t.v….the first time around.  In my head, when I say Wonder Woman, I’m actually singing it as it was sung in the show’s theme song…Wonderwomannnnnn.  I so wanted to be her…the golden lasso , the bullet proof cuffs…she could take on anyone, and still have great hair.  Now I know that great hair, had a lot of hairspray.

Back then the hairspray made your hair like a helmet…a cancer causing, tear inducing spray that made you smell like the cafeteria ladies from your high school.  No offence meant to the cafeteria ladies of the world, you do an essential job…but the ladies that came before you have not left a great legacy in terms of hair and perfume.  We could smell them coming from a hundred yards…poor things.  I’ve gone off on a tangent haven’t I? Right, Wonder Woman…

I loved the way Wonder Woman made you feel like you could do anything…there were not all that many powerful woman on t.v. back then.  So I made a ring to wear to make me remember how powerful I am when I’m feeling a little bit vulnerable.  Yeah! Just let that mechanic try to convince me I need a new transmission, when all I came in for was an oil change…Wonderwomannnnnnnnnnnnn.

God Bless, Julia


10 thoughts on “Wonderwomannnnnn…

  1. that’s such a cool ring!!! Did you use resin? I’ve never tried resin myself, I only use demensional magic from Mod Podge, and it never turns out that great, but urs is awesome!

    • yes it’s resin…it can be tricky trying to get rid of bubbles but other than that I love it 🙂

    • I can see you like Wonder Woman…it’s already sold, lol…guess I’ll have to make another 🙂

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