Warning! This is Not Funny

I’m a planner…I make plans and then I execute them.  I make the plans for my future based on the existing intelligence…sounds like a military operation doesn’t it? It’s not, but I do take it very seriously…I know that there are things that I am supposed to be doing, things we are all called to do.  What I am supposed to do is not what my next door neighbour, or you, are supposed to do.  So what happens if you are going along just fine, and then life throws you a curve ball?  It happens to all of us…you think everything is as it should be, and then, boom, your on your rear end wondering what just happened.

Reassessment time…are you suppose to hold true to the course, or make a new plan.  What if making a new plan means letting a bunch of people, who you care for, down…but sticking with the first plan is just not possible? I look back now and see that I was not listening…to my loved ones, or to God.  I messed up, I made a HUGE mistake…and right now it feels like the end of the road, but it’s not, the road continues, and so, I must continue. Today I have to stop, look, and listen…especially the listening…and hope there is something to listen to.

I warned you it wasn’t funny,

God Bless Julia


7 thoughts on “Warning! This is Not Funny

  1. I like this. You remind me of my partner…she’s a planner then an executor. I’m working with her to slowly move her further along the flexibility curve, only because she cannot control what others around her chose to do and when they don’t do what she thinks they’re going to (or should) do, she’s off her game for days sometimes.

    It’s not a fault, just a different way of doing things. She also helps me stay organized and finish what I started so there’s a win on both sides.

  2. There are lots of curve balls in life, but you noticed that you needed to stop and reasses right away. it may not be funny, but it’s really important. I think it is wonderful that you realized that. Sounds like a pretty good day to me. 🙂

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