O.K. I’m About To Be Pathetic

O.K. so I’m about to be really pathetic…I SOLD MY FIRST ITEM IN MY ETSY SHOP.  I logged in expecting to see the same thing I have for the last two months.  I stared at the screen and began to yell and pump my arms…the wife thought the computer had electrocuted me. I felt like Sally Fields at the Oscars…you like me, you really, really like me.  Bernice and I  high-fived once I explained, and then the realization that I had no idea what to do next surfaced.  A half hour of panic late,r I had figured everything out, and was ready to ship the ring.  It felt really good.

I know, big deal, it’s one freaking sale get ahold of yourself girl! I have a feeling of success in the stained glass part of my business… commissions and sales are good…but it has been slow on the Etsy side of things.  It is just one sale, but I was beginning to think that I was never going to sell anything on Etsy.  Of course you know it was the Wonder Woman ring…it’s hard to resist super powers like that, :).  So I will continue to work on my fused glass, making things that I like.  It wont make me rich…I don’t really care much about that…I just want to do my work, keep on being creative, and if others like it, so much the better.

God Bless, Julia


21 thoughts on “O.K. I’m About To Be Pathetic

  1. That’s amazing! Even if it’s just one thing. It must be amazing to know people like your work enough to pay money for it! I completely get your enthusiasm.

    • not sure what to do to get sales, maybe it is a matter of time…Lord knows I have no patience lol 🙂

  2. Congratulations! I envy you and your one sale! Wonder Woman kicks butt right?!! Does it cost anything to use Etsy to sell things? I do wire bending stuff and it would be nice to have a way to make a little pocket change doing it and not continue to flood my poor families and friends homes with “gifts.”

    • The cost is minimal really, $0.20 a listing for 4 months, it is really the time it takes to set it up. If you enjoy doing the computer thing then I say, go for it, it’s fun.

  3. I felt the same way when I got my first blog follower that I wasn’t already friends with or related to…the beginning is always exciting! enjoy it! and I hope your first sale is followed by many many more!

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