I Am Soooo Not Straight

Those of you who read my blog regularly will get the joke…what I am refering to is the kind of shapes I am drawn to.  What did she say? yes, shapes, not sexual orientation, although that works too.  I once had an art teacher who said there are no straight lines in nature…girrrrl, you preaching to the choir, lol. When I am working on a new project I always seem to make curvy lines instead of straight ones.  In stained glass, curvy lines are harder to work with…figures.  Even if the design is originally someone elses, I change it to incorporate wavy lines.  Much of my work is inspired my nature so I guess it is no surprise.

I have a commission for three windows to go into a country church that calls for straight lines.  The other windows in the church are very traditional  and they want the new windows to fit into the existing ones, of course, I do too.  So for a few months I am going to have to work with straight lines, fine, but I’m not going back into the closet!  Girrrrrl,  I don’t even know where the closet is any more.

God Bless, Julia


10 thoughts on “I Am Soooo Not Straight

  1. Make sure to post pics of the works when they are done – stain glass is on my list of favorite things! Even though I don’t go to church anymore I find I am always drawn to those that have stain glass…mesmerizing.

    • I will but it will be a long time, lots of kiln work with these as they want them painted the traditional way. 🙂

      • You can’t rush perfection! It will be worth the wait! Thank you for the Etsy info. I will have to look into it as it might be a way for me to earn a little fun money for our family.

  2. Good Morning. I’m enjoying reading your delightful words. Have you noticed that the universe shapes itself in curves. Just about everything spirals out in some fashion or other. Being straight in science and nature doesn’t seem to work well at all – Definitely you have it right about discovering and creating beauty works of art. I guess I’ll join the others in hoping at some point you can display your creations – even with the handicap being imposed upon you. Your words and wit have brightened my day.

  3. Curvy things are awesome! The world is boring without curves. Probably why I’m not a fan of all cubism…Oooo, fibonacci glass patterns! fractal art! Nature’s curves, haha! I love your work though, best of luck!

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