Being Canadian

As a Canadian, I apologise for the four letter word.

Sunday is July 1st…that means that my country will be celebrating Canada Day.  Canada Day is the equivalent to the U.S. Fourth of July.  These two events highlight some of the differences between Canadians and Americans.  Living so close to the U.S. you would think that Canadians and Americans were pretty much the same.  American media can have a huge effect on our identity, but we have been able to hold on to some of it.  Being Canadian I first have to start with a disclaimer…in no way does this post imply that I do not like and appreciate our U.S. neighbour.

On July 1st Canadians will politely gather to drink Canadian beer, in the company of other polite Canadians.  There will be very respectful gatherings of people…complaining about how hot it is, because Canadian’s favorite topic of conversation is the weather…to barbeque various forms of dead animals, and spray ominous amounts of cancer-causing insect repellent, to ward off the hummingbird size mosquitoes and black flies. Some will gather around the t.v. to watch performers like, the Bare Naked Ladies, perform from our country’s capital.  Most people will  go to bed early, happy that they have a three-day weekend to enjoy the two months of the year when they don’t have to have the heating on.

Here are some questions to see how much even Canadians don’t know about Canada.

1. For fifty points…what is Canada’s capital?

2. For twenty points…name a Canadian musician who is not Justin Bieber, or the Bare Naked Ladies?

3. For two thousand points…who was Canada’s first Prime Minister?

4. For one thousand points…name Canada’s current Prime Minister?

5. For five points…what are Canada’s two official languages?

6. For fifty points…how many provinces and territories does Canada have?

7. For five millions points…name ALL the provinces and territories?

I do know these answers without Googling them…but I have a university degree in geography and education…so don’t feel bad, this is just for fun!

God Bless, Julia


13 thoughts on “Being Canadian

  1. I plan on celebrating with a traditional Canada Day barbeque, followed by a watching of the fireworks. Oh, and I will probably complain about the 1) weather or 2) bugs. What else would we talk about 🙂

  2. 2. Celine Dion! 😎 I could answer more, just not the prime ministers. and… I’m American! 😎 As a teacher living in San Diego, I had students who didn’t even know San Diego borders the Pacific Ocean. 😎 Sigh….. Like this post!

    • 1. Ottawa 2. Celine Dion…3.Sir John A. McDonald (no relation to Ronald) lol 4.Sadly, Stephen Harper 5.English and French, I was born in the French province 6. 10provinces, 3 territories 7. Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, P.E.I., Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta live here now, B.C., Nunavut, North West Territories, Yukon…
      and you are not ignorant, most Canadians can not answer these questions 🙂

  3. I was born in Sandpoint Idaho just a hop, skip, and a jump from Canada. I’ve often reflected how geographically near I was to becoming a Canadian. Sometimes I think I’m a Canadian wannabe. At least in reflection. Your post is fun thanks for sharing.

  4. Can’t forget Hedley, Sum41, Gordon Lightfoot, Neil Young, The Tea Party…
    Great post. Happy Canada Day from Ontario! 🙂
    Do you really think most Canadians wouldn’t be able to answer those questions? I thought we were a pretty patriotic bunch. Our history being fairly new compared to so many other countries, there really isn’t a whole lot to remember. 🙂

    • I’m pretty sure that most of my high school class slept through grade nine history…I’ve taught in the Montreal, Toronto and Edmonton schools…sadly I’m sure most Canadians would not know the answers 🙂

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