Summer Quiet

I’ve been waiting for half a day now to write a post…I’ve been waiting for something funny, or at lest happy to pop into my head.  The truth is all I can think about today is how Claire left for two weeks yesterday to spend some of the summer holidays with her dad.  Her dad refuses to let me talk to her when she is with him, so that means two weeks without hearing her voice to know that she is o.k.  When she left yesterday she was crying and did not want to leave, I had to convince her that everything was going to be alright. I don’t think anything bad will happen…I’ll just miss her voice and her funny stories.  I’m hoping that if I just get that off my chest, put it out there so to speak, that I’ll be able to move on to other things.

Having children is like having your heart walking around outside your chest.  When something happens to them,, it happens to you too, good and bad.  It gets a little better when they are adults…at least for me…but you still go through their ups and downs with them…they never stop being your babies. Like the Robert Munch book says, “I’ll love you forever I`ll love you for always, as long as I`m living, my baby you`ll be. I`m hoping  one day I can read that book without tearing up, lol…there I go being pathetic again.

God Bless, Julia


6 thoughts on “Summer Quiet

  1. Never pathetic..only loving and missing! Always permissible when you are a mom or a dad! And I wish it weren’t so. The missing part. It eats away at your heart inspite of all attempts to quiet those feelings. Your words expressing your feelings are well written appreciated and understood.

  2. Yup can’t read that book either :). I’m sorry its going to be a rough two weeks :(. Keep writing your posts and you will get some lovely words of encouragement from all of us!

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