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Somewhere Over The Rainbow

I will post later today about the book club as we are starting to read, The Happiness Project, tomorrow.

I love this version of, “Somewhere Over The Rainbow,”…it is beautiful and sweet, but I find there is a touch of sadness to it.  It may be because this wonderful soul, with the voice of an angel, has left this earth much too soon.  My Claire leaves me early tomorrow for a trip to Montreal with her dad…I will miss her terribly but I’m happy she gets to visit the place I grew up.  One day I hope to take my wife there, it is such a different and magical place when politics don’t get in the way.  I hope this video makes you happy…

God Bless, Julia


I’m So Crafty

The latest pair of earrings

I know what you’re thinking…does she mean that she is devious, or she likes to do crafts…I mean the second one.  I’ve always liked doing crafts, I think I have dabbled in almost every popular one out there.  I sewed my seventh grade graduation dress, I knitted and crocheted clothes for both of my children, I’ve made a quilt or two, I have even been known to make candles.  the first night of the very first stained glass course I took I knew that I had found the one. The one that makes you dream about colors and textures, of hording piles of materials in your basement, hidden, so the spouse will not know how much you really have. I have not yet got to the point where I start hiding things in the trunk of the car, but I`m getting there.

I can’t help it…the beautiful glass shimmering in the window as the light passes through, changing and evolving as the sun changes its direction.  And of course there is the texture…running your hand over the glass and feeling the undulating waves.  I’m starting to think this is like fifty shades of grey glass…actually grey glass is not very nice. How about fifty shades of purple glass…no, purple is too expensive, they have to use gold to get the warm colors. It will have to be fifty shades of green glass…yeah, I love green. I understand that not everyone shares my love of glass, well sort of.  The way I figure it, everyone feels that way about their chosen craft. I hope you have found yours.

God Bless, Julia

All Smashed Up

I bought a Smash book for Claire and Her besty, Ann, while on vacation…my wife got a whiff, and now we all have journal/scrapbooks on the go.  I’ve been keeping some kind of journal, or sketch book, since my teen years. Sometimes it is all writing, sometimes all art, but  for the most part it is a combination of the two.  I write down my creative ideas…ideas for art work…but I have also kept a stream of consciousness sort of journal.  I am such a visual person, that the journal that includes drawings or scribbles is the one I find most useful. There are times in my life when the ideas just seem to flow one after the other.

If I don’t write these ideas down, I am sure to forget them.  The ones that come in the middle of the night just drive me mad.  I either don’t write them down, thinking that it is such an incredible idea how could I possibly forget…or I scribble down some incomprehensible description that no one could decipher. Maybe I should get the iPhone app that records what you say in your sleep…then again it might be better if no one knows that. 🙂

I like the Smash Books, it gives you permission to be messy and stuff whatever you want in it.  Sometimes staring at a blank white page can be intimidating.  You freeze and start worrying about putting down the,”wrong,” thing. There is no wrong thing of course, but staring at that stark white page can be intimidating.  Just close your eyes and draw a line, then it does not matter as much what happens after that, the page is not white anymore.

God Bless, Julia

Inspiration 2, Another Top Five

How can you feel motivated to make Christmas things when it is 30C outside, you’re sitting in front of a fan and contemplating moving into your refrigerator? Damned if I know…well maybe a few suggestions…

  • Move into the freezer…just set up a little craft table and move in. Don’t forget the mittens and a touque…Canadian word for wool hat. Yes, Canadians have a special word for wool hat. It is sort of like the Inuit have a billion words for the different kinds of snow.
  • Put on some Christmas music.  Turn it up really load and scare the neighbours.
  • Visit some Christmas sites on the web. O.K. this one is real. some times visiting other people’s sites can spark an idea for me.
  • Check out Etsy…I find looking at other people’s professional craft work can be very inspirational.
  • Look at last year`s work…this can sometimes remind me of things that were successful and things that were not…or ideas for things that I wanted to try, and was sure that I would remember without writing it down…I can hear you laughing.:)

I hope these help, or at least made you giggle,

God Bless, Julia

I’m Baaaaaaack

Well I made it back in time to watch the Olympic’s opening ceremony…made me proud of my United Kingdom roots. They are mostly Scottish, but apparently we stopped a while in England, just long enough to produce Diana Riggs and Virginia Woolf…then all my grandparents decided to move to Canada.  Now that I’m back, it’s time find out what I missed.  I’ve been nominated for a couple of awards, so I will have to take care of those in the next few days; thanks to everyone by the way.  Thank you to everyone who wished me well on my sojourn in the woods, it was lovely, and the Deep Woods Off came in very handy.

Now I did promise to pick a book for that we could all start on August 1st for the book club.  I have decided to start with, “The Happiness Project,” while I wait for further suggestions from the book club participants.  I hope everyone who wants to read along is able to obtain a copy, it may be hard to get a hold of at the library as it is very popular.  I’ll try to answer all the comments personally, but it may take a day or two.

God Bless, Julia

At The Lake

I am sitting under a tree, by a beautiful Canadian lake…watching my little girl run around in the water…how lucky am I.  Summer here is so short you just have to get out and enjoy it. I wonder if my new phone will take a pic and upload it to my post.  That is assuming I would know how too…not very likely.  If you see a pic with this post it should be considered a miracle, lol

God bless, Julia

Out To Lunch


Just a quick post to let those of you who wait impatiently for a new post from me each day…yeah right…that I am out in the Canadian woods again. Since I have a new phone I can post, but it is still frustrating so they will probably be short, or full of swear words. Hope everyone is having fun.

God bless, Julia