Tea or Coffee…Not.

And he knows the difference between tea and coffee too!

I have never had a cup of coffee, there I said it…well wrote it.  I know it’s strange…growing up it North America where coffee is king you would thing there would be no avoiding it. there may have been a jar of instant coffee lurking around the back of the pantry in case some heathen arrived on our doorstep demanding  a cup of joe. Hospitality demanded that a hot beverage be offered to every lost sheep that graced our doorstep, so we had to at least appear as though we were willing to make coffee. However, there was always a pot of tea ready for whoever may be milling around the house…and none of the herbal tea stuff either, my father would have had a heart attack.

As a child my day almost always began with tea and toast with marmalade. The toast and marmalade were optional, not the tea. If I had said, “no thanks, I’ll just make myself a cup of coffee,” I know exactly the response I would have got, “you need your head read?” That comment is my families version of, “are you crazy.” Now that I am an adult…in years anyway…you would think that I would have tried it just once…Nope, I like my tea.  So, on this Canada Day, when 90% of Canadians will be lining up for a double-double, I salute you, with a cup of steeped tea. 🙂

God Bless, Julia


21 thoughts on “Tea or Coffee…Not.

  1. I am feeling you, i have never had the urge to drink a cup of coffee. My favorite has always been tea, thats just part of my nature. To those who do including my wife and two daughters, enjoy, for it has to make your day better…i will also stick with my tea! Very nice post i really enjoyed it!

    • That is so funny because that is what I say after my first
      sip of tea in the morning lol 🙂

  2. I too am a non-tea-drinking Brit!
    Maybe there should be a club for this odd state of affairs!
    My earliest memories are of me shuddering at the smell of the stuff, even asking my mum not to breathe at me after drinking it!
    Now coffee…that\’s a different matter. Adore it and anything vaguely coffee flavoured!

  3. As a kid I enjoyed Red Rose with my dad and grandma, but in my late 20’s I discovered coffee and enjoyed it for a decade and a half until it began to rot my gut. SO a while back I gave it up (with a few cracks of ‘I picked a helluvaday to give up drinkin’ coffee ~ ala ‘Airplane!’) and have switched over to green tea with my morning toast. I have never felt better! Thanks for a wonderful post!

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