Party On Dude!

To quote one of my son’s…you can probably guess which one it is…Happy Fourth of July man, may the Fourth be with you, party on dude.  happy independence Day to all my American family, friends, and fellow bloggers. 🙂 I hope that today is fabulous for you all.

I started reading a book last night that I have been meaning to year for some time now, “The Happiness Project'” by Gretchen Rubin.  I have only read the intro and the first chapter but I can tell already that I’m going to enjoy this book.  It seems that Gretchen and I have read and been influenced by the same writers and philosophers.  It would also seem that she loves to research, to be on the top of her game before she sets out to do something…a girl after my own heart.  So where does she start?

Well she did a lot of research 🙂 and has come to some starting points.  What makes you happy?…If 75% of us are happy, and that is what the research says…then what is it that makes you happy?  Apparently the list will be different for everyone, which makes sense.  I’m willing to guess that less than 5% of the human population would be happy in a lesbian relationship…not rocket science since we make up 5% on the population and not all of us want to be in a relationship.  So I now have to sit down and figure out what truly makes me happy…should not be that hard since I’m pretty happy right now.

I’m thinking that my American neighbours are relatively happy today.  A day off for most, lots of food, family and friends, and to top it all off, fireworks.  Go for it dudes and dudettes…party on. 🙂

God Bless, Julia


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