Cultivate Silence

The older I get the better I can hear my own voice.  I don’t mean my real voice…isn’t it creepy to hear your own recorded voice, it is not how you hear yourself. Many believe that art is the visual manifestation of one’s thoughts, feelings and experience. they believe it to be a reflection of themselves, their ego.  When young most of what one thinks and does is really about the expression of the self.  that is how it should be as we grow and learn about our own voice.  I believe that as one grows as an artist the need to express the superficial surface of ourselves diminishes and the need to express one’s soul emerges.

There are many interpretations of what the soul is. Someone born in Tibet will likely not have the same beliefs of what the soul is, as someone born in the United States, but both are valid.  There are many roads that lead to God, does it really matter how one gets there?…I don’t think so.  How does this have anything to do with art, and more specifically my art? I believe my art is the expression of the very deepest part of myself…my soul.  Therefore I believe that it is God’s voice working on, in, and through me that is manifested through my art. That is if I can get my own ego to keep silent and out of the way.  Cultivate silence…

God Bless, Julia


2 thoughts on “Cultivate Silence

  1. Well said. Very true. A piece of whimsy – when my son was 10 he informed me (most importantly) that he knew he had a really cool soul. (Now I was astonished because I had never had any discussion with him specific to a soul and its nature, as I understood it.) So I inquired how he knew this. With a child’s wisdom he responded “Just look at the cool body it picked out for me.” At the age of 10 his ability to understand and separate his physical being from his “spiritual” soul” or metaphysical sort of “id” was fascinating.

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