Seriously, Haiti

Is anyone else as fascinated as I am by the world map in stats?…the one that indicates where the people who visit your blog, live…or is it because I have a degree in geography?  One of my favorite books as a child was the atlas…I know, looooooser.  Seriously though, someone in Haiti visited my blog…,Vietnam visited so far today.  It seems strange that people in such vastly different cultures would have any interest at all in what a Lesbian artist, wife, and mother in her 40’s has to say. Heck, I’m surprised anyone cares what I have to say, it is humbling to say the least.

On the other hand, I enjoy reading other people’s posts from countries that I have never visited or likely never will.  I find it heartening to know that there are commonalities to the human spirit.  We all want peace, love, friendship…we all hope for a better future for ourselves and our children. There are vast differences as well of course…we all struggle, but some struggle to feed their families, others to dodge bullets, and some the rush hour traffic.  We all struggle to be happy as well…and everyone’s happiness is different looking, but just as valid.  I hope you do something today to make yourself happy, or at least recognize when something does make you happy.  Have a happy Sunday everyone!

God Bless, Julia


8 thoughts on “Seriously, Haiti

  1. Hello Julia .. 🙂 nice post 🙂 i am from India .. i too really feel happy when i see my stats 🙂 and its really great to have technology grown ,so that the entire world feels one in blogging 🙂

  2. Julia I used to wake up and read/watch the news to see what was going on around the world. Now I read/view the blog postings from around the world. I enjoy it more. It’s truer and more real to me. I have a better sense of what is realing going on and like you I love seeing where these people live and envisioning how their environment along with their unique creative expression shapes their perspective on things. In all ways a a better way to start the day! thanks for a great post! 😀

  3. Not a loser! At least, if you were, then so was I! I loved looking at the atlas when I was a child too, I used to pore over real maps and draw my own imaginary ones. Still do love maps – and I know quite a few other people who do as well. And I always click on the map stats to see where people are checking in from.

  4. I’m a little bit of a stats addict, and the countries map is probably my favorite to look at….it’s so interesting to see where everyone is from!

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