We`re Having a Heat Wave…

O.K., we have a dangerous situation here, I’m a woman on the edge.  I woke up this morning and it is so hot that I was sweating before I even left my bed.  Under normal circumstances this would be bad news for those around me, but I am peri-menaposal.  I am telling you I could snap at any moment, take out a village…well if it was a village of all men. How am I suppose to do canning in 34C temperatures while having a hot flash…I could spontaneously combust!

I`m a Canadian girl, I can deal with -30C without blinking an eye…frostbite, I`m on it…but this heat has got to go. I have taken more cold showers then a boys high school basketball team at a cheerleading conference.  I have had to set up a schedule for time in front of the fan. I have kicked small children out of their kiddy pool without a second thought.  I am planning on setting up a tent in the middle of the Sears sports section, I am pretty sure I can go unnoticed.

The reality is…I am fine…I feel bad for the elderly and small children in this weather, it can be dangerous.  The ranting is just to inject some humor into the situation.  If I could, I would buy everyone an air conditioner…but I can`t, so a smile is all I can give…stay cool folks.

God Bless, Julia


5 thoughts on “We`re Having a Heat Wave…

  1. We here in Kentucky USA have had trpile digits for two straight weeks. Today we had a cooling trend 96. Many plants have died and grass is brown. No rain. Over 45 heat related deThs in USA. But thanks for the smile. Thank God we have air conditioning. I have arthritis of the spine and hot flashes. Have a great day.

  2. I know what you mean! I’m living in upstate NY, so depending upon where you are not too many days drive away, and it’s been too hot to think. I fall asleep at the drop of a hat, haven’t made it through a tv show in days. Too hot to think.

  3. Last night we got the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in almost a month….a thunderstorm! So sorry you are not only dealing with hot temps on the outside but on the inside too! Sometimes when I’m real miserable ice cubes help.

  4. This is great :D. Yep. I’m familiar with the hot flashes and they aren’t fun. However, I’ve come to term the “Power Surges” because they come out of nowhere, amp the body temps, and proceed to cause all manner of haywire spurts. From uncontrollable giggles to junk yard dog snapping and growling.

    This post of yours made me laugh out loud!


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